In my research, I aim to integrate psychology and movement sciences to study joint action from a dynamical systems perspective. My fascination lies in our ability to form social systems with others and the ability to explore new possibilities for action within a (social) system.

In the research project “Agency and Unity”, I study the emergence of agency and social unity in joint action from a dynamical systems perspective. In a paper in collaboration with Prof. K.L. Marsh (University of Connecticut) and Dr. Koudenburg (University of Groningen), we propose a theoretical framework on how joint action and breakdowns affects psychological unity and agency.

In the research project “Moving patterns of behaviour” in collaboration with Dr. Cox (University of Groningen) and Random Collision we study how agency can be strengthened through movement. Furthermore, I am collaborating in a project on “Antifragility” with Y. Hill, dr. P.L. Silva (University of Cincinatti) and dr. A. Kiefer (University of North Carolina).

In my dissertation “Coordination dynamics of crew rowing” I experimentally studied antiphase rowing, which is theoretically faster but had never been empirically tested on water. My experiments in the lab and on the water generated novel predictions for dynamical systems theory, and showed the expediency of using real-world tasks to test theory on human interaction. I developed and programmed the Remo measurement system to test crew performance on water.

Photo by Elmer Spaargaren